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11:00pm 11-05-2006
I like your sons very much
10:01am 10-31-2006
hello Pradip Sir,

Hope you remember me..(IHRD VDY Electronics guest Lect..) if not also is really nice...Melvin gave me this link....

7:46am 10-26-2006
This site seems to be extremely special..lemme start hearing songs..
1:33pm 10-22-2006
plz visit
6:52pm 10-13-2006
Hai Padip,

Your site is so nice !

3:03pm 10-11-2006
we all Malayalees prond of u,
Website designed very well, keep it up
wishing u all the best for u r future
7:17pm 10-08-2006
I heard all songs and everyone is superb ,,,Thankssssssss
12:14am 09-20-2006
This website is simply superb n cool. would b better if u use light colors 4 background.
8:57am 09-16-2006

I hope you still keep my thoughts in your mind
I was one of your students in M.Sc.Electronics (First Batch) - Arun.R(Palakkad)
How are you sir?
What about your new projects related to music?
I have a request for you.....
It would be very kind of you to please put your song "Porumoo En Syama meghame" in your site.
I am fine here, with my project.
So thats all from me, Sir
Hope you will consider my request as soon as possible..

...eagerly waiting for your response....

yours Arun.R
From Shillong
11:10am 08-31-2006
hello sir,
I am sharanya. I haf just finished my 12th std and i live in ernakulam. I have been studyin carnatic music for qutie some yrs now. I would really like to discover if i have the spark in me for a proffesional singer. Could you please tell me how i should proceed? Heard that u r going to launch an album. So would you give me an ear?
Thanking you,
please reply
12:31pm 08-29-2006

the site is just fantastic.

I guess, you could have really made it big in the playback singing arena as well for sure, particularly seeing the new crop of young singers who fundamentally lack the "depth" but still survive with the hype and the visual media support they get.

In any case, keep up the good work and all the best for all your new ventures.

8:30am 08-16-2006
Hi Pradip, Nice website. How are you doing? I don't know whether you could recognise me or not. Here is a clue, "AU, Vizag".

4:02pm 07-27-2006
nice website... indeed the spirit of NIppon Maru lives on....and the soul of REN floats forever within....let it live forever! Good day brother.

vlad, ren03 Masscom, Ex-RENOPY 05
5:43am 07-03-2006
Dear Sir..

visited ur site... fantastic and truly melodious ... guess d site is d reflection of ur ultimate passion towards music.... please keep up the gr8 spirit and continue to b d idol tht u r fr music lovers world over.

8:37am 05-18-2006
I've visited your site. That looks awesome.
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