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8:44pm 03-24-2015
11:25pm 06-09-2014
Hai Pradeep
It gives me great pleasure to see you after 20 years may be you forgot me but when ever I think about any cultural program I remember the youth festival which we both attended in 1992-93 in calicut and madurai.
11:57am 04-15-2013
Sunil Nair
Hey Pradeep,

Music is ocean of peace but Android programming is passion for technology. I like this rare combination in you. You are lucky to spare time for your both passion.

Best Wishes

Sunil Nair,
9:24am 08-01-2012
deepa sats
2:13am 03-08-2012
Sourav Mohanty
Hi Mr. Somasundaran,

I learnt about you through this particular song : Lukka Chuppi (on your YouTube Channel). I don't know how to describe it exactly, but it was more of a coincidence, when I was browsing through the YouTube for the full version of the song and I suddenly stopped at this and started listening it. The song was so lovely and scintillating that I was moved to tears ! It was far better than the original track. I have become a fan of yours by this one single track ". You are gifted with a heavenly voice.
I hope to listen more from you. "
Best wishes and regards,
Sourav Mohanty
5:50pm 01-25-2012
hai chetta sukamanno..?
4:11pm 06-22-2011
Rajiv nair
Hi Pradip,

One of my relative from Perinjanam, music master Jyothi who incidentally is also
your relative recommended me to you.

I was in mumbai from 1973 till 2010. Now i am settled in Thrissur Anthikad
(95677 86277). I used to see Meri Awaz Suno, only recollected the final winning

Would like to discuss hindi music from 1950's till 1980's termed the golden

I have learnt hindustani music, a great fan of Mohammed Rafi.

I would like to meet you at a convenient location.
Please give your telephone number and address.

Please reply.

Rajiv Nair 95677 86277.
9:12pm 03-06-2011
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12:44pm 10-11-2010
KC Unni Nair
Pradeep, R u residing in Dubai, bcause I found your name in kairalikalakendra, pls adivse , r u teaching music..
6:59pm 05-11-2010
Dear Mr. Pradeep: This is Narayanaswamy, belongs to Nelluvaya Mangary Madhom. Very gld 2 know about u. My age is 51 and hope u must be younger than me and probably it can be the reason that I do not know anything about u. If time permits, please reply to tell me you belong to which house in Nelluvaya and also the name of your parents, brothers, sisters. Regards. Narayanaswamy.
3:20pm 03-30-2010
KU Issac
Dear Mr. Pradeep

I am Issac. We met many times at Viskahpatnam Kerala Kala Samithi, I was staying in the Samithi office. Some time I tried to get in touch with you but in vain. Now while surfing I could reach you. Do you recollect mee. I even visited your room in AU.

I shall get in touch.

With warm regards

9:43pm 04-01-2009
Dear Pradeep,
I never knew of such a singer and just got to know you trou some website where i got to hear u interviewing gayathri. Then i started searching more about you may be i was so much touched by the simplicity in your speech even you being such a good singer.I was so shocked to see you winning the same contest as sunidhi and don't know why the south indian industry did't make enough use of your talent.Let almighty shower his blessing on you to fullfill all your dreams.
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